Does size matter?

Why is there a myth that size matters? Men are doing weird and over board things to enlarge their penises. Have women thought how they make men feel when they say, “You are small, or too small!” It brings a man ego down.

There are men that have tiny penis, and they know they are tiny. What do these men do the alter their ego and/or recompense the size of their member?

This Sex Position Increases The Odds Of Simultaneous Orgasm For Men And Women — Sex And Psychology

As a sex researcher, I’ve learned a lot about what it is that people fantasize about when it comes sex. In many of the fantasies I’ve heard, something I’ve noticed is that people— especially heterosexual men and women—often describe a scenario that results in simultaneous orgasm. The idea of climaxing at the same time seems…

via This Sex Position Increases The Odds Of Simultaneous Orgasm For Men And Women — Sex And Psychology

How much sex it TOO MUCH sex?

When you are living in New York City, you definitely need to wine down after a long day of work. That would be dinner at a nice restaurant, speak to someone that is willing to listen to you while you have some wine, go to the gym and run 3 miles, etc. However I believe us women need a good sex partner that can take you somewhere that pleasure is so amazing to your body to the point where you knock out to sleep, wake up and be like, “its morning?” Women should focus more on what they need in their lives before attending ton someone else’s need. There is saying happy wive happy home which is completely true. If there id happiness all over you why you would have a negative thought to mess that up? Therefore mu theory is have as much sex possible to relieve your stress and when you have sex you release endorphins that benefit your mind, soul, heart, body and its also a workout.😉

Bigamy, Polygamy, Monagamy!

Bigamy seems to be illegal however in other countries is legal. Has anyone thought that if bigamy would be legal there would be less cheating on the behalf of both parties? I strongly believe it would. Due to the fact that if you have everything at home, would there be a reason to look outside for something you have. Would you loose concentration of making a better living if you not be thinking of women instead of working your way to success.

If a woman likes variety why not? If a man likes variety why not? I mean equally when it comes to choosing numerous partners on behalf of bother genders. If a man can have multiples spouses why can’t the same privileges be extended to women in our society in the 21st Century.


Would there be a reason to be jealous? To be honest I  strongly believe women go nuts thinking of what their husbands are doing with other women. Is NOT the cheating part. It is strongly about the thought that drive you nuts not the actual action. Therefore if you are present when your husband is with the others you would be more at ease. No one said it would easy however it would be tolerable. Think about it and let me know.


Sex in Marriage…

Once you married and have been with the same person, being comfortable becomes a routine in the daily life to the point where you are living as friends and not husband and wife. For the rest of your lives will be living like friends and sex once in a while. That seems the routine in a long term marriage. Reason why many people cheat. Men and women are cheating nowadays more than before because the spark of two individuals do not exist due to the routine in their daily lives. Back in the days men cheated because they would not due dirty behaviors with their wives because it was a taboo. Nowadays men cheat because women in the home are attracting their attention, which is their desire. For example, men want someone they can talk to, have rough sex, be sexy, partner, friend, someone to have fun with, sex slave, mistress, etc. That is the not including the family part.

The family part comes in another dimension, because before you reach the level of having children you need to build your stable relationship. Children grow and leave the nest once they are grown enough to find their path. Therefore if you do not build the stability prior to the having children; once they leave you are left with nothing and find your relationship bored. You start to search for some excitement you do not have in your relationship and that is where the cheating part starts and ends your marriage with your partner. Different interest start to develop and a new interest keeps you away from home.

Sex in marriage is very important to keep connected with your partner and within yourself is the intimacy that counts and sex is part of it. It does not mean that you will be having sex all day and everyday. Just have intimacy by having a conversation with your partner about anything and all.

There is instances where women have the greatest sex at home with their husband however they cheat with others because they can have a conversation about anything with the next person. It is believed that having certain conversation and lead to discussion however if depends in the level of education and/or understanding the next person may take it personal and /or feel offended by the conversation details and /or topic. For instances, some men are offended when their wives speak about the past sexual experience to the point they get jealous just hearing the details of it.



Discussions, Opinions.

What is the purpose of a relationship when the other party doesnt appreciate an opinion about a conversatuin you are having at the time? When you are having a discussion about a specific topic you should be able to disclose the topiic being spoken to without any taboos therefore why get upset and personal when the next person has something to say  about the topic at the moment?


What does sex mean to those that are virgins after puberty has succumbed to abstinence? Don’t you think of sex and what it may feel like to be touch by someone with the desire of making love to you? Does it pass by your mind what the curiosity of others may be to you?