Sexually Quarantined

Never in million years did being married to someone you love to be unfortunate. Due to the fact the you expect to be making love to this person all the time and all day, during the quarantine COVID-19 has pushed us to. Therefore that is very disconcerting to someone that is in love with the person and the person doesn’t seem to care one FUCKING bit of your emotions or needs in 24 days I have had sex only three times my period just started again and God knows how much I fucking love this man.

I will have to consider other actions to take care of the needs that I have.



Seven Days, Sex or no Sex!

Is the middle of the day, bored as much you can imagine. Horny as much however we have a house full of people. I have decided to reach over my hubby however he is TOO BUSY texting others to keep his insanity intact.

Got off the bed took my towel and headed to the shower; in the shower I masturbated myself at least three times. Got back to the bedroom like nothing happened in the bathroom. I was definitely ready for the real touchdown in the bedroom.

Next came the uncle to the bedroom and he interrupted the session that was about to get  started.

It has been seven days since we last had sex!

Were we going to have sex on the seventh day or not?


Frustration within the covers

Wake up sit on it. Get off its to get to work. Get dress and start the drive to work. All I kept thinking was a emotional drive to work while he masturabated me however what he wanted to do was talk so early in the AM.

The afternoon we meet, wait for him at work and still no action. Why desire someone so much is the person is not going to reciprocate the sentiment? None at all. Please someone please tell me.


img_7413Awaken by you between my legs, sucking my clitoris while fingering me. My legs started to shake uncontrollably. I came all over your face twice.  Then you flipped me doggy style, pumped it hard but the effect you was looking for was NOT there.

I turned over missionary style but you were not over me, the only you thing about missionary was me facing up at you, with my legs in the hair, while your mushroom like, thick black cock was pumping my ebony pussy so hard deliciously…I was reaching my climax higher and higher as your cock was touching my G Spot.  I squirted more and more every time your cock entered my tight pussy walls. Until we both looked at each other and you entered your whole cock in and we came. 

Slightly busy…

Rough day in the office.

Client comes in, I tell him please take your pants off and sit down.

Once seated I bring the shades down from my office window, turn around and started to masturbate my client until he is hard enough.

Reception, I stated please hold all of my calls and she says, “Is your husband!” I respond, “Put in on hold.”

Picked up the line, “Hi honey, am slightly busy. Can I call you back in a few minutes?” Hanged up.

While I was on the phone, my client was eating my pussy from behind, as soon as I ended the call; he penetrated my ready, wet, juicy, plump pussy with his big, long, thick and juicy pink cock of his.


I was quite while he was pumping in and out, until we both exploded.

Shortly after, we ended our meeting.

Ohh Daddy!!! Yes right…

img_7283Early this morning, I was not in the mood, but hubby was. While I was taking a shower. He was maneuvering my pussy lips apart with his fingers, he found my clitoris. He started to masturbate me, it was taking him a bit for me to climax. Therefore, he went diving. While he was sucking on my clitoris, I faked reaching my climax. 

He then turned me over, and fucked me from behind, as I noticed he was taking TOO long I scream, “Am coming!” He then said, “Me too!” He finished and I finished taking my shower and went about my day.