What does sex mean to those that are virgins after puberty has succumbed to abstinence? Don’t you think of sex and what it may feel like to be touch by someone with the desire of making love to you? Does it pass by your mind what the curiosity of others may be to you?


What is the purpose of a blog if is not being read nor is it in people’s to know what your thoughts are? To me I thought it would different however like everything else that I believe are never sufficient. For anything to be successful you would have to invest time such as a relationship if not it goes down the drain; like waste.

Is cheating better than being in polygamist relationship?

The majority of men and women prefer to cheat or be cheated on. For instance, a man is married or in a relationship, he cheats and the women for gives him continuously, vise versa at times. In comparison to those people that in a relationship that are ok with their significant other to see another person, even to share time to take advantage of the time being spent. At some point even become friends to certain extend and is beyond the sex, it can be a friendship with benefits of sex at times. Is is safer who your partner is sleeping with that not knowing who he or she is doing? Is it better lying and being honest? More to come in the next few days