Naughty thoughts

Fell asleep mid-morning however was very hot in the bedroom I was supposed to be resting that morning. Going back to the dream, this handsome man walked in and he was shirtless and sweaty from an earlier work out in the basement of the house. He ran to the bedroom where I was sleeping because he was running late and wanted to be there early to the meeting scheduled for the day.

However when  he walked into the bedroom he discovered a beautiful piece of art on his bed laying down taking a nap. Naked, with a silk sheet barely covering her bottom she was facing down. He immediately got a Mr. Perfect’s attention to a full erection.

He stared down and stated, “can you behave at some point during the day?” he walked over the beauty laying on his bed and he started to kiss her deeply while she slept, she moaned and she turned over, while she was turning over she uncovered her breast and he got even harder… he touched her while he kissed and she got super excited. However she continued to keep her eyes closed because she definitely thought it was a dream she did not want to wake up from. He then slowly but surely caressed her stomach while her nipples where standing to its full attention . She started to moan intensely while he entered her body with his pointing and middle finger. He then suddenly stopped mid orgasm.

She immediately opened her eyes.

Only then she discovered to be by herself in the room.

Late night snack

Felt edgy seeing he wasn’t home at around 11PM, watching an Australian series thought and felt I need some attention. Therefore decided to watch some porn, searched through a few videos before finding a POV Colombian chick sitting on top of a thick, pink, mushroom head cock, it looked delicious, decided to touch myself licked my right hand thumb, and index finger found my way to my pussy outer lips. Then my clitoris started to massage it slowly while I was watching the Colombian chick go up and down and that thick cock, by the time I notice my fingers where wet and not feeling edgy.

Sleepless night!

Was sleeping comfortably for the first time in the 72 hours, when he was whispering naughty things in my ears, I wanted it however I waa tooo tooo sleepy to even entertain his desires and hormones. He kept poking me on the back with his hard-on to the point he eventually took it to the next level and took off my underwear and took me while I was trying to sleep. It felt amazing ….after I couldn’t sleep.